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Beauty Review: Dessange California Blonde Collection (Influenster)

Things have been quiet on here for a while, and for good reasons… I have been working hard to get quite a few medical tests done to get to the root cause of my gastro issues, and a few weeks ago I finally had a breakthrough… turns out my gallbladder may be causing the issues! I’ll be getting it out next Thursday and am very hopeful some of pain will go away. I’ve also been spending time doing some freelance work on other WordPress sites, which has been tons of fun.

I belong to Influenster and was picked to try out the new Dessange Paris California Blonde line, which is now available at Target. It was perfect timing because I had just run out of another color-safe shampoo. Here’s a picture of what I received, which included the shampoo, conditioner and brass correcting creme:

dessange, dessange california blonde, influensterThe first thing I noticed when I squeezed a bit of the shampoo out in the shower was the fragrance. The bottle says that it includes passion flower extracts, so perhaps that was the scent. I am a bit picky when it comes to floral fragrances — either they are fresh smelling or you end up with Eau de Grandma. In this case, it unfortunately leaned toward the Grandma smell, mainly because it was a bit too strong and perfum-y. I could even smell it after I had blow-dried my hair!

Apart from my issue with the fragrance, the shampoo lathered up well and the conditioner left my hair feeling soft. After using both of these, I finished my shower with the Brass Correcting Creme. This creme has a hint of what most toners smell like, which I actually thought was a good thing because it meant there were chemicals in there that were actually going to work! I left the creme in for about ten minutes and then washed it out. The smell did linger, but I think this product actually did the most out of the three… when my hair was fully dry, it definitely looked shinier and brighter. To celebrate, I  took a picture with my cat Charlie. I know, I know, we both have glamorous hair:

dessange paris, dessange, influenster, balayage, higlights, blonde hairOverall, I would give this new line four out of five stars. Points taken away for fragrance, and the shampoo could lather just a tad bit more, but at the end of the day it did what it promised to do: it nourished my color-treated hair and gave it radiance.

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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